A Helping Hand

For those of you that are following Lindsay’s posts, you are aware that the last few months have brought new challenges and trials. Lindsay’s words capture her strength and indescribable spirit but there aren’t words to truly describe the day-to-day struggle of life with stage IV cancer.   

If you are just learning about her battle, Lindsay was diagnosed with ocular melanoma in 2006. After successful treatment, she lived in remission for almost a decade. During which time, her and Jared became parents to Piper and Laney, pursued careers and settled in Duxbury, MA.

In 2015, 6 weeks after her son, Levi was born, an annual, routine ultrasound found a 2 CM lesion on her liver.  Since then, the cancer has spread to her spine and Lindsay’s primary focus now is to keep the cancer stable and prevent it from spreading elsewhere.  After 2 years of battling this horrible disease with numerous surgeries, infusions and radiation, the McGraths are now having to travel to England for a treatment that may not be available in the US until 2019 (it is currently in a US trial that she is excluded from due to her bone mets).

Standard chemotherapies have not proven to be effective in treatment of metastatic ocular melanoma and as of today, there is no cure. Yet, Lindsay does not let this define her despite the lifelong battle she faces in navigating the physically and mentally exhausting experimental trials and treatments. Each week brings a new set of protocols, oncology appointments, scans, medications, infusions and often debilitating side effects that come along with stage IV cancer. 

We watch her and Jared approach every obstacle with superhuman strength and the, often stubborn, resolve to not burden friends as they juggle two careers and three stages of childcare for Piper, Laney and Levi. There isn’t a one-size childcare solution for toddler, preschool and elementary school aged children and without family support nearby, it is difficult to manage. 

As resistant and reluctant as the McGrath’s are to accepting help, we have finally (partially) convinced them to let our close knit village of family and friends lend a helping hand.  So, for the many of you that have been asking, “How can I help?” We graciously ask you join us in spreading some much needed support...